Roofing Waterproof Coating

For a versatile and durable roof coating for your Residential building roof system, choose a polyurea roof coating. No matter what material your roof is constructed from, polyurea roof coatings offer simple to adhere to anything surface from concrete to wood.

ExpandoThane is a waterproof coating and electrometric all year long, no matter the season; even extreme hot and cold. Because it is sprayed on and then expands, any gaps or voids are filled and then the surface dries instantly in just 2 minutes after application, creating a completely sealed surface. 

Our expert coating contractors are always ready to help and provide the best roofing services that last a lifetime!

The advantages of the polyurea roof coatings material provide endless protection against other hazards such as chemical exposure and environmental erosion. Storms, debris, UV, dry, wet, and snow conditions are no longer such a worry with this coating, as it resists abrasions and other minor damage. Metal roofs, in particular, will last much longer and resist corrosion with an applied polyurea coating.