Pest Control Caulk

You should never allow unsolicited visitors into your business property. Right? Well if that’s the case pest control caulk prevents rodents, insects, birds, bats, snakes, and more intrusively set up into your commercial site. Often this little intrusive make their ways into your property by inappropriate and incorrectly application of specialized caulk.

Mesh or Elastomeric is one of the multiple sealant choices for pest control. When choosing the right sealant that will work for your property and the intrusive, you’re trying to battle with, we must first understand the conditions of your battlefield!


Controls many types of pests from entering your propertysolutions are great for a short-term
Return to its normal phase when stretched or compressedUsed to plug holes in the wall around a plumbing fixture


Expected movement in the sealantTemperature
The surface areaMoister
Temperature conditionsElasticity