Painting & Staining Services

 Your porch, deck, or social area is a major component of your home’s overall fluency appearance and beauty.  Whether your porch or deck is a place where family gathering occurs, relaxing moments are spent, or a social lounge for friends you want your social stance to last as long and well maintain from environmental elements that will tear the appearance down.

Some of our painting and staining services are:

  • Scraping
  • Power Washing
  • Sanding
  • Paint or Stain
  • Fence Staining or Paint
  • Two-tone Stain
  • Rail Paint or Stain
  • Natural Wood Stain
  • Dark Stain

Staining Services:

Many homeowners choose to stain their decks or porch to improves the appearance and highlight the wood grain beauty.
The benefits of staining are many from increasing the lifespan of the wood by preventing rot and infestation to preventing the absorption of moisture into the wood, which can cause damage.

Paint Services:

Painting your deck, porch, or social area magnifies the vibrancy pallets of colors of your exterior house making it fluent and consistent with the exterior home.

Having your social stance stained regularly is the best practice to keeping your deck, porch, or social area in its top shape and appearance. Mason Painting Company staining professionals are here to help keep your deck shinning year around.