Drywall Repairs & Paint

Whether you are looking to make small repairs or big ones Mason Painting Company painters are here to help you solve your drywall repairs. 

Drywall dents and damages are common issues that face commercial property owners. At Mason Painting Company we strive to provide you the benefits of repairing noticeable damages that can ruin the overall appearance of your wall, cause structural damage, or even depreciate the value of your property. 

Priming Drywall for Paint

Priming drywall after a repair is an extremely important step.  Drywall priming involves sanding down, wiping, cleaning, and finally applying a drywall primer/sealer to create a perfectly smooth surface for painting as well as prevents the paint from being absorbed into the drywall.

Mason Painting drywall services will always include all these necessary processes and steps for a perfect finish in all your drywall needs!