Cabinet refinishing and staining

Mason Painting Company LLC Delivers on Cabinet Painting, Refinishing, and Staining Services. At Mason Painting Company our skilled craftsmen can help you fix your commercial property with a high-quality repair, minimal disruption to your on-going business operations and precision of your cabinets.

The Way to Refinish Your Cabinets

 We understand that in certain moments budget can be tight and you are looking for solutions to enhance your kitchen cabinet’s appearance. Let us tell you that you do not have to pay to have a brand-new kitchen installed to flourish your kitchen station. You can save some money by having facelift your kitchen’s cabinets refinished. Cabinet Refinishing is a job that requires special craftsmanship but also dedicated hands to take on this challenge.

 Hire Mason Painting Company experienced professionals for your Cabinet Refinishing, Staining,  and paint Job!

There are several options for cabinet refinishing:

  1. Paint them in place
  2.  Removed and sprayed in a garage
  3.  They can also be taken off-site for a more controlled refinishing
Cost-Effective Refinishing your existing cabinets saves you money.
Convenience Why wait for your cabinets to be replaced when refinishing takes less time for you to enjoy your space sooner.
results. You will love the way your cabinets and shelves look after our experts are finished with the job. 
If you are looking to change a new color to your cabinets or re-paint them without a major expense? Then cabinet painting is the right service for you
 By adding the right adhesion and a beautiful coat of paint you can transform the look and appearance of your cabinets in a drastic manner adding to your home’s color vibrancy.