Commercial Painting

You should never allow unsolicited visitors into your business property. Right? Well if that’s the case pest control caulk prevents rodents, insects, birds, bats, snakes, and more intrusively set up into your commercial site. Often this little intrusive make their ways into your property by inappropriate and incorrectly application of specialized caulk. Mesh or Elastomeric […]

Concrete Staining and Epoxy Floor Covering Concrete staining and epoxy flooring are two of the most popular finishes for masonry environments because it creates a long-lasting color surface to the flooring which bonds tidy with the concrete while epoxy provides a clear, durable, stain-resistant finish that protects the surface. It also repels water and reduces […]

Mason Painting Company LLC Delivers on Cabinet Painting, Refinishing, and Staining Services. At Mason Painting Company our skilled craftsmen can help you fix your commercial property with a high-quality repair, minimal disruption to your on-going business operations and precision of your cabinets. The Way to Refinish Your Cabinets  We understand that in certain moments budget […]

Expansion joints sealers are necessary for concrete flooring and walls to allow the concrete to expand without cracking in your commercial property as well as prevent elements like water to infiltrate into the concrete causing erosion or damages. Both sealers and fillers should only be installed after the slab has had a chance to shrink […]

Stenciling painting offers you the freedom to select your design colors, and where you want to place your drawing.  There are numerous craft stencil designs, but if you would like to extend your creativity, go ahead, and design your drawing template.  The benefits of Stenciling are endless! Art Craftmanship Many artists and painters use them […]

Whether you are looking to make small repairs or big ones Mason Painting Company painters are here to help you solve your drywall repairs.  Drywall dents and damages are common issues that face commercial property owners. At Mason Painting Company we strive to provide you the benefits of repairing noticeable damages that can ruin the […]

You may be looking for a change or want to move away from wallpaper into a paint surface job. Requesting our wallpaper removal and painting services is your way to go transition from wallpaper to a nice-looking painting finished project. After the wallpaper is removed, you are free to explore the many possibilities of paint, […]

High-Performance Paint Coatings are great for areas where high traffic and volume of people interact. High traffic areas in any commercial building, paints, and coatings with superior scuff and stain resistance are a wise choice allowing to resist marks, stains, and an easy to scrub off without leaving noticeable blemishes. Mason Painting Company understands the […]

Environmental conscious? We love that!  At Mason Painting Company, we believe strongly in sustainable development, LEED Projects, sustainable painting, and projects that involve using VOC-free paint. Whether you have new construction, or an existing commercial property join us and let us help you be environment respectful with our eco-friendly painting services for your exterior and […]

Is your commercial property ready for a change? Our color consultants are right up your ally to provide you with guidance on your color selection process. Whether you want the interior or exterior painted, Our Mason Painting Color Consultants are here to help you out! Exterior Colors Explorations: Appealing exterior paint color schemes and adaptability […]

Our line of commercial painting portfolio includes interior painting, exterior painting, power washing, color consulting, and more. If you have a commercial property in need of professional painting services, contact us today. We will provide a clear and timely estimate, get the job done right, on time and with minimal disruption to your business operations: